The Importance of Home Inspections when Buying a Home in Barrie

When you’re looking for the perfect home in Barrie, it’s important that you have a home inspection done. It can be tempting to hurry up and sign on the dotted line when you finally locate the home of your dreams, but this is how costly mistakes are made. Don’t let your emotions take control of the home buying process. Slow down and have a home inspection completed before you finalize anything. Here are five reasons you should have a home inspection before buying a home in Barrie (or anywhere else):

  1. A home inspection enables you to identify problems that would prevent you from buying the home. Sometimes there are serious problems that just can’t be seen with the naked eye. These are issues that are so serious that you would opt out of buying the house even though it’s everything you have ever wanted in a home. Even a house that seems perfect on the outside can become a money pit if there’s a big problem with it.
  2. An inspection will reveal problems you want the seller to fix before you buy the home. Sometimes you may want the seller to fix a few problems before you buy their home. These can be big or small problems, but the bottom line is that you want them corrected before you will purchase the house. If you never have an inspection done, you’ll never even know that these problems need to be fixed, and you’ll be stuck performing the repairs out of your own wallet.
  3. Inspections unveil even minor problems, which can give you some leverage in the negotiations about price. Sometimes there are minor issues with a house that you aren’t too concerned about, but they will give you some leverage to negotiate a lower price. Just as you would negotiate down for marked walls or less-than-perfect carpeting, so you should negotiate downward if the home inspection finds issues that are worth a few thousand dollars off the price of the home.
  4. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about proper maintenance and upkeep of the home. You should make it a point to be at the inspection when it’s going on. You can ask the inspector questions as he goes through the house. If there’s something you aren’t sure about, just ask. For example, if you’ve only lived in a home with an electric water heater and the house you are thinking about buying has a gas water heater, ask about upkeep, maintenance, and replacement guidelines so that you are not left unaware when you buy the house.
  5. Enjoy peace of mind when signing on the dotted line. If the inspection finds nothing of note to report, then you can rest assured that the home you are purchasing is in the best condition possible. You really can’t buy peace of mind when purchasing a home—unless you have a home inspection done before you sign on the dotted line.

You should never waive your right to a home inspection when purchasing a home. Even the best-looking house could have problems that you can’t see, so it’s important to find out ahead of time.

Let the experts at Your Choice Realty help you sell your home or buy a home in Barrie. They understand that timing is everything, and they’ll work hard to get your home sold or to help you locate the home of your dreams. A mistake made in the home buying or selling process is a costly one, so it’s important that you have the experts from Your Choice Realty on your side. Call Ken Sowman today for a free home evaluation.