Homes for Sale in Barrie – Renovations Budgeting

When you’re preparing to sell your home, sometimes renovating certain areas can be very helpful in getting the value from the home and a faster sale. After all, you want to get top value for your home, and sell faster. However, it is important to go into a home renovation project well-informed so that when you sell your home, you do actually recoup all of the money you put into the project, plus.

Here are some things to consider when renovating your home with the goal of putting it up for sale:

Renovation Budget

Setting your renovatioj budget is very important. It is extremely important to consider what home values your neighborhood will support. It’s tempting to install top of the line fixtures in a home, but then you will be shocked that you can’t recover that money because the neighborhood just doesn’t support a home valued that high. Keep things in perspective. A neighborhood of small, 1950s-style ranch homes probably won’t see a return on investment of Italian marble flooring. No matter how fantastic your renovation is, you won’t be able to sell for much more than the typical price of other homes in your neighborhood. It is always wise to consult with a local realtor so that you know what price you can reasonably expect to receive for your home.


Smaller renovations tend to offer the best return, which is extremely important when it comes to renovating so that you can sell your house faster. Rather than dumping $100,000 on a top of the line kitchen remodel, think about smaller ways to make a big impact. Adding a tile backsplash to kitchen has huge aesthetic value, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Think about painting, carpet and landscaping.

As for the rest of the house, replacing old, worn carpet with manufactured hardwood flooring is always a good renovation choice. Don’t underestimate the value of routine maintenance, either. Taking steps like replacing the roof, old windows or the water heater mean a lot to prospective buyers; the prospect of not having to deal with maintenance for a while can really up the ante.

Room Function

Nothing can be worst than a room that is cluttered or full of boxes. A clean, spacious room helps buyers in visioning what can be or could be. Be wary of permanently changing the function of a room, particularly bedrooms. It is rarely valuable to decrease the number of bedrooms in a home. A local realtor knows home buyers and can be a great asset in helping you stage your home in a way that invites home buyers to fall in love.

Pay Attention to Budget

Don’t under-budget! Even the most carefully planned renovation will run into surprise expenses. When you start tearing things apart, you never know what you’ll find underneath that might need to be repaired. You should anticipate going over budget by 20 - 30%. Make sure that you have cash on hand to cover your renovation costs rather than renovating on credit. You might need to fall back on that credit when unexpected problems arise.

Contact Qualified Realtor in Barrie

It helps to have a qualified realtor on your side when planning your renovation budget prior to listing your home. Call Your Choice Realty Corp. for help setting a budget and figuring out which renovations you really need to do in order to get the biggest bank for your buck when you do list your home. We offer several commission options so that you can sell your home on your terms. Call Your Choice Realty today to learn more.