Low Real Estate Commissions

Four Routes to Low Real Estate Commissions

If you’re selling a home, you probably know all about the hefty real estate commission you’ve got to pay the agent, but there are ways you can enjoy low real estate commissions instead. It’s true that there is a "standard rate," in the world of real estate commissions, but everything is negotiable, right?

Here are four ways you can bring low real estate commissions into your sale:

  1. Negotiate – The number one thing you can do is negotiate with your agent for a lower rate. This may mean meeting with several agents in the beginning and playing them off each other to get a lower rate. If one agent is willing to deal, others might be more willing to deal as well.
  2. Ask for fewer services – In some cases, agents may be able to provide fewer services in exchange for low real estate commissions. For example, sellers who wish to sell their homes themselves can enlist documentation help from a real estate broker. This can be a real savings for some sellers, although it is not always the best option. Be very careful when you are asking for reduced services because you must know what you’re doing in order to be successful.
  3. Buy and sell with the same agent – If you are looking for a home while also selling your home, then often you can ask for low real estate commissions on the home you are selling because you are also bringing extra business to the agent through the purchase of another home. This is probably one of the smartest things you can do.
  4. Multiple listings – Sellers who happen to find themselves in the position of having more than one property to sell will often find it easier to negotiate low real estate commissions because they are bringing quite a bit of business to the agent..

No one has to feel like they are locked into those expensive commissions most agents say they want. In short, the first thing you can do to get them lowered is to simply ask. You may find that you like one agent better than another who will work for a lower rate, but you can use that lower rate to hook the agent you really want.

Your Choice Realty will show you how to pay low real estate commissions rather than just the standard rate, which can be quite pricey.