Barrie Real Estate: 10 Questions You Must Ask When Interviewing an Agent

Although you will pay a real estate agent about as much as you spend on a new car, it may surprise you to find out that most people spend less than an hour selecting an agent.  Compare that with the amount of time it often takes to buy a car, and you really begin to wonder how people go about choosing their agents.  Here are 10 questions that will help you make the best decision possible when choosing a Barrie Real Estate:

  1. How many sales have you worked on in my neighborhood?  This question is very important because it will tell you what kind of experience the agent has.  Every neighborhood is a bit different than the next, so it definitely pays to have an agent who has been working in the neighborhood you are trying to sell in or are interested in purchasing in.
  2. What services do you offer and what are your fees for everything?  It is essential that you get an agent who is willing and able to put everything down in writing.  There are numerous hidden fees involved in real estate transactions, so you’ve got to be ready for them before they come up.
  3. Will you show me every available property that fits my needs?  Some agents conveniently overlook the “for sale by owner” properties that do not offer a commission or other properties that offer reduced commission.  You want an agent who is concerned that you get what you want—not that he or she makes a ton of money.
  4. When are you officially “my real estate agent”?  Many people have no idea that simply going on a tour of homes with an agent means that they have an agreement with that person.  It is important that you know what you are getting yourself into.
  5. Why have clients been unhappy with your service in the past?  This is a tough question that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.  Some agents may try to play it off like no one has ever been unhappy with them, but no one can please clients every single time.  There must have been at least one time in the past when someone was unhappy.  Try to find out why that client wasn’t a good fit for this agent, and you’ll get a clue about whether you will be a good fit for them.
  6. How much is your team involved in the sale/purchase of my home?   A good real estate agent also has a good team, but that team shouldn’t be doing everything.  You want to work with an agent who will put plenty of time into the sale or purchase of your home.
  7. What is your strategy to help me buy/sell my home?  It’s pretty easy to get an idea about the agent’s level of experience when you ask about his or her strategy to get you the sale or property you’ve been wanting. 
  8. Do you have any references?  Successful agents should have a list of past clients who are able and willing to recommend their services to you.  Ask to speak to a few of their references to find out how they do business.
  9. Why should I pick you?  This seems like a simple question, but you can learn a lot about an agent by asking it.  You’ll be able to see quickly if there is any substance to their answer.
  10. Can I preview agreements ahead of time before signing them?  You should never feel pressured to hurry up and sign an agreement.  Ask to have a night or at least a few hours to review documents before you sign them.

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